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Posted on 04/14/2019
Creating a Little Curb Appeal
You're selling your home, and you know you need to perk up its curb appeal, but you're low on free time and funds. There are a few simple, and affordable projects you can take on to step up your curb game and increase your chances of a sale. Attracting buyers to your home is a necessary part of...
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Posted on 04/07/2019
Hints and Tips for First-Time Home Buyers
Finding the house of your dreams is a process that requires a lot of clarity, diligence, and patience. While it is possible for the first house you look at to be the ideal choice, it's a lot more likely you'll have to look at a dozen or more houses before finding the one that matches your requirements and...
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Posted on 03/31/2019
Do You Need a Homebuying Plan?
If you want to enjoy a seamless homebuying experience, it generally is a good idea to establish a property buying plan. That way, you can take a step-by-step approach to make your homeownership dream come true. As you prepare a homebuying strategy, there are several factors to consider. These factors include: 1. Your Dream Home Definition There is no...
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Posted on 03/24/2019
Will Your Counter-Offer Meet a Homebuyer's Expectations?
If you receive an offer to purchase from a property buyer and decide to submit a counter-offer, it is important to err on the side of caution. Because if your counter-proposal fails to meet a buyer's expectations, you risk missing out on the opportunity to sell your house and maximize your home sale earnings. When it comes to reviewing...
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Posted on 03/22/2019
Another Property Rented - 969 Skyline Drive, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Lovely view home perfect for family who may be doing some local remodel and want to stay close to their project. Views from every room. Huge patio for entertaining as well as view decks and landscaped back yard. Spacious bedrooms, living and cooks kitchen. High ceilings with 2 fireplaces, laundry room and pantry. Lease Term Flexible. Walk to the beach and the farmers market so easily. Also easy access to High School pool and tennis. A must...
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Posted on 03/18/2019
Does Your HVAC System Need An Upgrade?
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (or HVAC) is a technology used by homeowners to provide heating and cooling. A good HVAC system will ensure that your home is comfortable, especially in extreme weather conditions. HVAC systems are known to last for more than a decade, but you shouldn't rely entirely on 'vintage' heating/cooling units, so you don't get...
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Posted on 03/11/2019
5 Useful and Easy Ways to Lower Your Cell Phone Bill
Cell phone bills can be quite massive, and sometimes, they can be as high as the monthly cost of powering your home. It is true that cell phone can help you boost your credit score, but this is achievable only when you are not incurring too much cell phone bills every month. Reduce your cell phone bill with...
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Posted on 03/04/2019
Is Now the Right Time to List Your House?
Believe it or not, today may be the perfect day to kick off the home selling journey. If you list your residence, you may find dozens of potential buyers want to acquire your home. As a result, you could earn a significant profit from your house sale. For those who are debating whether to embark on the house selling...
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